Avoid a Soggy Lawn

Ask about our drain installation services in Bakersfield, CA

If your yard turns into a pond every time it rains, your property could be in danger of water damage. Let BG Landscape Services redirect rainwater runoff with our drainage system installation service in Bakersfield, CA. You won't even notice that the drain is there with our seamless installation services.

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How a French drain works

If your lawn is too flat to drain, you might notice flooding. A French drain or pipe installation will give that rainwater a place to go by creating a clear channel to your culvert or ditch.

BG Landscape Services will assess your property's topography and soil composition to determine drainage needs. We'll provide any necessary grading services to prep the land and install a functional French drain that keeps your foundation safe and dry.

Get in touch with us today to see if a French drain installation is right for you.